ARGO (2012)

Who would have thought that the minds behind THE GOOD WILL HUNTING will someday roll with the big fish in Hollywood, honestly, who would have? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have since stood firm ground only to move if it’s for a step to advance. Affleck clearly got ahead of Damon after he took to the seat behind the camera for the second time with his production THE TOWN. This isn’t about a nitty gritty story of who is ahead of whom? Instead this is all about Ben Affleck taking the director’s chair once again to bring us a movie with thrilling proportions with plenty if verve.


ARGO unfolds to us a story that is based and inspired by true events that took place in the late 1970s. The story of Tony Mendez. The story of how Tony Mendez against all odds, pushed forward to rescue 6 Americans trapped in Tehran. A story that took place long ago during the Iranian – US relationship which was also a trying time in Tehran. It was amidst this time that a revolution raised much like what we have witnessed in certain nations in the recent past. Trapped in the middle of this revolution are 6 Americans that are working for the US embassy, who escaped the grounds of the embassy when it was stormed by the revolutionaries. Their only hope of safe passage back into the United States is if Tony Mendez; a CIA exfiltrator is able smuggle them out of Tehran legally and through airport security! Now how about that for a reason good enough to watch this movie?


As Ben Affleck goes on an entirely different path with ARGO, it feels as if he takes on him a challenge to conquer waters unknown to him. It’s his own personal endeavor to prove to himself and the world that he can step out of his comfort zone and still muster the courage needed to direct such a historically noted incident. ARGO comprises of numerous different settings that simultaneously requires moving forward to a point where it climaxes to a glorious, intense and thrilling finish. Just as a conductor conducts his opera of varied instruments that reach a magnificent crescendo in the end in unison, Affleck battles his way through positively. His strongest support line is Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston and Victor Gaber. The movie throttles forward in three different settings. One is the CIA story; one is the Hollywood story and lastly the Tehran Story. I would not be exaggerating if I say that the entire cast and crew tames a monster of a plot that could have gone completely wrong if they made one wrong move in the production. How did they do it? Its sheer talent and expertise would be a wise assumption.


This political thriller will be most enjoyed by those who have savored the likes of movies such as APPOLO 13, THE IDES OF MARCH, and J.EDGAR and not for fans of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.


With this production Ben Affleck gets a step closer to the A-List of Hollywood actors that turned directors and produced better movies that full time directors. Lastly is this Oscar worthy? It’s highly entertaining and very well done. However movies like this always get sidelined for some reason or the other (With the exception of THE KINGS SPEECH). I am rooting for ARGO for at least a nomination and if a win comes its way, it is well deserved.






RATING : 08/10



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