136 minutes seem a long run time for a musical and ROCK OF AGES could have been better provided it did limit to 90 minutes. However this is one critic’s opinion and lovers of musicals may counter argue that the genre has habits of long run times owing to the rock and roll.


Directed by Adam Shankman most popularly known for the magical movie A WALK TO REMEMBER over a decade ago once again may have conjured up a direction that may keep his name afloat amongst movie lovers for a few years. ROCK OF AGES is to this critic personally more appealing than Adam Shankmans’ previous attempt at the genre; HAIR SPRAY.


Based on the Broadway musical named under the same title, ROCK OF AGES finally was released one year later than it was formerly intended for. Paying tribute to rock bands that played on the Sunset Strip Back in the 1980s this movie carries nostalgic value to those who did experienced the Strip in all her glory. Whilst everything that this critic knows about the strip is by reading the World Wide Web, he recalls watching his old man grow older listening to these bands of the 80s that rocked the Sunset strip hence the ability find a certain inkling that chalks the movie as favorable.


Enough of the trivia, but why would we enjoy ROCK OF AGES?


Firstly the musical talent that is under the spot light is absolutely well scouted talent one would agree. This statement can be argued upon by many a viewer since its evident that some Hollywood royalty struggles in pitch and the vocal imperfections are not digitally hidden too well to the sound tuned ear. However Shankman and his crew seem to have ensemble a cast that does the trick in order for the production to rise close to its expectations. Secondly the best part of the movie is the movies sound stage. It’s not much; however the little it is reaches out to the lovers of the 1980s rock n roll scene. Thirdly the inclusion of Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin and Paul Giamatti is the only reason most of the viewers sits for the movie in the first place. It indeed is partly the reason I am seated for it apart from my fondness of rock n roll music of the early eras.


Stacee Jaxx who is portrayed by Tom Cruise is hands down one of the better performances of Cruise who still is to experience the honor of an Academy Award. Will this carry him all the way through to the Oscars? (A commendation probably, however a win most certainly not.) Cruise however does capture the essence of an artist who has experienced fame in all its glory and now is overwhelmed by that very fame that is forcing him into a dark corner in his career and personal life. Does he find his redemption? One must spend 136 long minutes of their lives to find that out.


My personal favorite is indeed Brand and Baldwin. Although with very limited screen time this duo alone keeps the motion picture afloat. ROCK OF AGES lose its footing on numerous occasions and finds its way to the surface with the aid of this duo and obviously with the aid of the timeless rock classics by Whitesnake, Def Lepard, Van Halen, Quiet Riot and Skid Row.


Finally the stars of the movie that does have professional exposure in Broadway and does have the voices for the production naturally without 4 months of vocal training (Guess who?) are near perfect in vocals. Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta carry great showman ship, still starring beside the likes of Cruise, Baldwin and Brand somehow overshadow them entirely and the chemistry of love that Shankman is searching for does not seep through to the audience. It is felt as short bursts of successful singing which is later always drowned by the above mentioned stars when the take to the screen. After all the ROCK OF AGES is another Tom Cruise Fame Vehicle isn’t it?






RATING: 05/10



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