Kevin McCallister is one of the most unforgettable, if not the only unforgettable 8 year old character to swoop through Hollywood. When he was left behind one Christmas nearly over two decades ago his story headlined all over the world and became an international phenomenon. His feats of fighting the Wet Bandits while his family was away in Paris can never be forgotten nor will it ever be too old to watch every Christmas Season.

HOME ALONE written by the Late John Hughes is one his best work. Whilst Hughes has always a tendency to write along the line of mostly family entertainment, my personal favorites of his work is HOME ALONE and MIRCALE ON 34th STREET. Directed by Chris Columbus who a decade later brings to us HARRY POTTER is the man that requires absolute recognition in this instance. Chris Columbus always knew how to aggressively reach out to the audience and tamper with our emotions through his work. If you have watched his work in BICENTENIAL MAN you will know exactly what he is capable of. HOME ALONE a comedy for the family is a movie of many sorts. Its entertainment to the younger audience, its thrills and booby traps for the younger teen, its Christmas magic to all the children and its family ties for the mature audience. Kudos Mr. Chris Columbus before Hogwarts you still knew your work right sir.

The 10 year old marvel that is Macaulay Culkin has been recognized for his role in HOME ALONE acquiring awards back in the 90s. He is absolutely brilliant in his performance. Culkin who was 10 years when he played the role did the magic in making this a movie a hit with the guidance of Chris Columbus. Culkin is confident, different, and lovable and is just as naughty as an 8 year old will be attracting all the attention and creating the most atrocious of troubles. Before the late John Hughes wrote DENNIS THE MENACE he wrote HOME ALONE and now it’s clear where the thinking began for him. The supporting cast is good. However when you watch the movie you will not see anyone but Culkin at his best since his 10 year old talent is beyond all of the other support cast combined. In no way is this critic intending that the rest of the cast is bad, its simply that Culkin for his age is THE BEST THERE HAS BEEN.

Media states that “Culkin is the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple”. Unarguably this would seem so. Whilst Shirley Temple has been from a time long ago it is with certainty that no child actor shot to international stardom over night like Culkin did.

“Tis the season to be jolly” and there is only a handful of Christmas Classics out there with nostalgic value for the viewer that hunts for classics during this time of the year. Reaching out especially to the expats of the UAE who are far away from family during this time, this movie may help to bring in some warmth to your living rooms with some fond memories of the Christmas of yesterday.

If you are on the hunt for Christmas classics to watch with your family and friends this season, chalk up this title on your list and hop over to the nearest video store. This isn’t a nativity play but it indeed has some Christmas magic if you watch closely.

Happy Viewing dear readers.

Merry Christmas!





RATING: 08/10



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