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The Fifth Element: The Ultimate Edition (DVD)

The Fifth Element stars Bruce Willis (Korbin Dallas), Milla Jovinich (Leeloo),  Sir Ian Holm (Vito Cornelius), Chris Tucker (Ruby Rhod) and Gary Oldman (Zorg)  in this action packed adventure movie. The movie starts in 1914 in Earth’s past and then quickly settles 300 years later in the future. The director of this 1997 cult classic was Luc Besson.

We follow the hero of the movie who is a divorced cabbie named Korbin Dallas. As Korbin is on his way to work he instantly falls in love with the woman who falls through the roof of his cab named Leeloo. Leeloo is more than a pretty face as it is revealed she is the Fifth Element or the “supreme being”. Leeloo gives Korbin a name to contact and we then meet Vito Cornelius who is a priest trained to assist the Fifth Element. After some comical side action which tie in with the movie we have a proper meet with Mr. Zorg the villain of the film. Mr Zorg is the figure who is pursuing the “stones” which we find out  are necessary for Leeloo to stop a great evil which is coming for mankind. This great evil manifesting itself in the form of a powerful dark planet early in the movie.  The interaction with this black mass destroys a military spaceship and the government is pressed into recruiting someone to secure the “stones” which can be used to stop it. They recruit the retired Korbin Dallas and rig a contest to send him across the universe to get the stones. Korbin and Leelo meet up with non other than DJ Ruby Rhod who is hosting for the contest and is played with much tongue in cheek humor.

 The costume design of this film was most extraordinary and unique. However it should not have been since it was under the helm of the great French designer John-Paul Gaultier. The uniqueness of the costumes of could be seen with the Diva who we meet late in the movie. The blue coloring and alien high fashion style is met with awe as we watch the opera scene. When you see her for the first time you definitely remember the feeling. You couldn’t help but laugh all the while noticing the interesting fashion set up of Ruby Rhod’s outfit like the leopard print ensemble or the outfit with roses around the neck.

 The set designs were great and quite impressive.  I was awestruck by the setup on the cruise liner such as the interior scene where Korbin was fighting the Mangeloids on the bottom and top decks. The detail and color could easily be distinguished and one couldn’t help but wonder why such a setup was being destroyed. But then again, that’s part of an action movie!

 My overall response to this film as a youth was child-like wonder and curiosity. I still keep the wonder and the curiosity as an adult with all the interesting extras which are fulfilled in part with the Fun Fact option. I still smile at all the comedic parts like you should and the action still gets my pulse up. I highly recommend this DVD to be purchased and put in the personal library. If you disagree, then as Ruby Rhod would say to you, “Bzzzz!”


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  1. oh my gosh i love this movie it was so awsome the music the ppl everything. I like the part when Melu says please help and when bruce willis takes the taxi cab and goes thru the place w/ an awsome beat to it.Plus when that blue tall lady sings and all the action is happening in between it that was awsome too. I love the whole movie i wish i had it.I first saw a part of it at best buy so thank them for putting it on.

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