100 Million B.C.

A scientist (Michael Gross) leads a group of Navy SEALs back to when dinosaurs walked the earth to rescue the surviving team that traveled back many years ago. After meeting with the long lost team, they discover that teleporting back to the present time comes with gigantic mishaps.

Originally aired on the Sci Fi Channel if I’m not mistaken, this movie had no right to be made into a DVD. From the costumes to the lighting, this wouldn’t receive the mildest recommendation from the world’s most lenient critic. It lacks any coordination (the camera work is extremely flimsy) and the characters are paper thin. Kids ages 6-8 might get a kick out of the artificially furnished CG work, but it has too much violence and profanity for that particular age group. Everyone else will just find it artless, soulless, tasteless, and senseless.

Terrible, terrible, terrible. The concept is ridiculous (this same idea was put to better use in the film A Sound Of Thunder), the acting was horrendous, and the CGI effects are equivalent to those of a poorly rendered video game. If by some miracle you come across this DVD, avoid it entirely.

Overloaded with seriousness and bombarded with overacting, it is obvious that nobody was having fun making this movie, resulting in unintentionally funny moments being unworthy of laughs. Hear that! It is so bad I couldn’t even laugh at it! It will end up being a dust collector in my collection of DVDs. Even Michael Gross (Burt of Tremors) gave an atrocious, out-of-this-world bad performance.

Other than the forest scenery, this is an ugly and colorless film. Nothing stands out as redeeming qualities. 100 Million B.C. shamelessly borrows its concept from A Sound of Thunder, modifies it in unskilled ways, and then decides to have it undergo unpolished production. The result might very well be one of the most embarrassing and helpless pieces of cinematic trash ever. There is no value to this movie. No entertainment to be found, no fun to be had, and no surprises to relish.

If, for some bizarre reason, you already have the DVD, be sure to watch the four trailers before the film begins. It is about the only fun to be found on the entire DVD. That being said, I am pretty sure everyone knows what the verdict is here. 0.5/5 stars

Special features include the original widescreen presentation, 5.1 Surround Sound, “100 Million Years Back In Time”, “Dino-evolution”, a blooper reel, and deleted scenes.

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This film is directed Rawson Marshall Thurber, who also did 2004’s “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”, 2013’s “We’re The Millers” & 2016’s “Central Intelligence” and stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,