This movie is rated R and stars Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, and Adrienne Shelly.  It was also written and directed by Adrienne Shelly.  Shelly, who was murdered, before this movie was released would have been proud. 

This movie is about a waitress (Keri Russell) who works in a small town diner famous for it’s pies.  Pies she often comes up with.  Pies with uniques names like “Damn Baby” pie and “I don’t want Earls baby” pie.  Her husband, Earl, is a control freak who controls their money, comings and goings, and basically everything but what she wears, although I am sure he has some imput into that as well.  When she finds out she is pregnant with his baby she is very upset, and goes to the gyno telling him that she is not happy and doesn’t want the baby.  She ends up having an affair with the doctor, who is also married.

I liked that most of the humor in this movie was soft, not overt and in your face.  Also it didn’t go into “potty” humor, which was a nice change.  The names of all of the pies she thinks of when she is daydreaming about what her like shoudl be like. 

The movie was a little slow, and some of the scenes with Earl were a little odd.  I would have like to see a little more between the married two.  Also I would have liked a little mor ein the backstory of the other characters in the movie.  The ending of the movie dissapointed me a little bit because it was predictable.  I was happy to see one surprise twist between Keri Russells character and Nick Fillions, and I think most people will enjoy it. 

Of course going into the movie knowing that Adrienne Shelly was murdered put a little more meaning in the movie.  She was a great actress and a pretty good director and storyteller. 

I recommend this movie to anyone having a first date, or a guy who has done something stupid and needs to make it up to his girl.  Of course if you did that you might want to take flowers too, or maybe a pie.