Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Romance Sueno, a new twist on the old Romantic-Comedy formula.

Sueno, a new twist on the old Romantic-Comedy formula.

In english Sueno means to sleep or dream. It’s a fitting title for the 2005 movie writen/directed by Renée Chabria and starting John Leguizamo as the lead Antonio. Set amidst the rich Mexican-American culture in Los Angeles, Sueno is a romantic comedy that’s all about living up to your potential despite the hardship life hands you.

We see the working poor existence of American Immigrants through the eyed of the main character Antonio but those eyes leave us with a romanticized view of that world. “I was lucky,” say’s Antonio as the movie begins, “I came from the most beautiful place and music was everywhere and people believed there was no difference between being awake and dreaming.”

Antonio wants to be a singer but his meager existence only allows him to perform between serving burritos or bussing tables. He’s in love with Nina, but she’s too involved in taking care of her sickly father to give him the time of day. He wants to help his talented neighbor Mirabela, but she firmly believes that her weight and age negate any talent she might have. It seems like the whole world is against Antonio fulfilling his dreams but he persists against all these obstacles.

The entire film has a dream like quality that I’ve only seen in foreign films like Amelie. There was a particular daydream sequence in the middle of the movie where Antonio imagines dancing with Nina. The choreography and costume are superb and give us insight into how Antonio can see the generally plain Nina as a temptress. It’s an incredibly sensual scene.

The only real complaint I have about this movie is the casting of John Leguizamo as Antonio. It took me a while to figure out if the age difference was intentional or not. But considering that the rest of his supposed peers were much younger, I think they cast him despite his age. If you can suspend your disbelief, his acting is right on. And this being an indie film with a first time director/writer, I can understand why they wanted to go with an actor that’s more known.

I’m a fan of Romantic Comedies and this was a new twist on an old formula. All around I loved this movie and if you enjoyed the french film Amelie (2001) or even Sleepless in Seattle (1993), I’d say give Sueno a try.

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