Planet Terror

This movie star several people including, Jeff Fahey, Josh Brolin, Rose McGowen, and Bruce Willis.  It is rated R for Violence, Language, Sexual Situations, heck this movie has a little bit of everything.  It is an hour and twenty-six minutes long.

Due to a military snafu the dead are returnign to life and killing the living.  Eating whatever breathing human they can get ahold of, they are a force.  The plot follows several characters, with Rose McGowen as the main character, but just by a hair.  McGowan plays a go-go dance who loses a leg and gains a gun, there is also a lesbian doctor trying to escape with her kid from her abusive husband, a cook and rib rub creator, a crazy ball collecting sadist, a young rebel, a cop, and a military man who says he will protect his kids.  The plot starts with theses characters going about their daily jobs and meeting a few zombies along the way, not knowing that zombies are what they are up against.  It continues from the hospital where “no-brainers” are listed as the cause of death, and the dead rise to attack the living, biting them and chewing on their innards.  The main characters all meet up, and through a fer trials they survive, well some of them do, others end up zombie food.

This movie was a fun movie with several comedic lines, and some scenes that were trying way too hard to be funny and fun.  One scene especially which involves the female doctor and her kid was seriously disturbing, and not in a wow that was an interesting thing to do sort of way, more of a why the heck did they put that into the movie kind of way.  Although most of the movie was humerous, there were scenes that attempted to be jaw dropping and frightening.  It didn’t quite pass off that way and laid more on the humerous.  For an action packed thrill ride this movie turns into more of a comedic zombie gore fest.

While there were several good action sequences, one where the police wanted to take his care to unfortunate ends, was especially fun.  Actually a lot of the scenes in the hospital were tense and somewhat suspenseful.  There was one point when you were left anxious as to what might happen to the doctor who is trying to run away from her husband, would she live or die? 

I liked this movie, but if you compare the movie it came out with to this movie, I thought the other movie Death Proof was a little better.  The story line was a little better in that movie and the ending was more satisfying with that movie.  The ending of this movie was obvious and too neat for me to enjoy it, plus there were so many things that I had a problem with (like how did Rose McGowen shoot her gun leg without pulling a trigger?) that I found myself taken out of the movie quite a lot to try to figure everything out. 

I’d say watch it just for the comedy, but if you want a good zombie movie, this is low on the zombies and the good.

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