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Review: Penelope on DVD


Penelope is a lovely coming of age story based in London staring Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, Catherine O’Hara, and Reese Witherspoon. The talented cast brings this intelligent heart warming tale alive.

The Wilhern family is blessed with money and a high social standing, but they also have a dark secret. Several generations ago the unapproving head of the family broke up a love affair. The lovers were avenged by a curse put on the next Wilhern female descendent. Penelope (Ricci) happens to be the unlucky lady. The curse left Penelope with a pig-like nose and ears. The only way to break the curse is for Penelope to find true love with another blue-blood. To protect her daughter’s feelings and the family’s good name, Penelope’s mother Jessica Wilhern (O’Hara), fakes Penelope’s death and then hides her away in the family mansion. Penelope grows up alone in her own fairly-tale like bedroom.

Penelope’s story is hot gossip throughout the years and big cash for any reporter who can catch a picture of her. One of these reporters, Lemon (Dinklage) sneaks into the mansion, but is soon caught by Jessica. Lemon makes it his life work to capture Penelope’s photograph.  As Penelope becomes of age her mother invites possible husbands to the mansion. Every suitor leaves the home screaming from the sight of Penelope. The family almost gives up hope until Max (McAvoy) arrives. Max has an automatic rapport with Penelope, but he is also hiding a secret. Max, a gambling addict short on money, is being paid by Lemon to capture the first photograph of Penelope.

Christina Ricci brings her sweet and naive side out as Penelope. Her huge sparkling eyes captured me. James McAvoy, the IT man of the moment, portrayed his struggles between needing money and not wanting to hurt Penelope with honest realism. I do have to say I could not stand his hair, throughout the movie I wanted to give him a buzz cut. Catherine O’Hara was fantastic as ever. She is a comic genius that does not receive the recognition she deserves. Reese Witherspoon role was small, but when she was in a scene she stood out among the rest.  

This is the first film for director Mark Palansky and I was fairly impressed. The film flowed smoothly and I was never board. It could of easily come off as hokey, but it never did.

I highly recommend this cute little Independent film. It teaches several life lessons in an entertaining non-cheesy way. This is a film the whole family can enjoy.  

Rated PG

 DVD extras: “The Making of a Modern Day Fairy Tale” and behind the scenes for Twilight.

14 thoughts on “Review: Penelope on DVD”

  1. well i basically liked this movie it was nice and caring and surpising at first i eas scared to see her because maybe she was scary but she wasent i faced my fears and saw thw movie it was great.i liked it when the guy liked her but he was sorry he wasent royal blood and also when she liked her self and saved her self from the curse. honestly i liked her as both pig nosed and reg nosed she was pretty either way no offense to the actress.any ways i give this 5*s i guess! =)

  2. Very good review. It made me laugh,cry,and happy. I think the kiss at the end was so passionate and romantic. I had watch it more then once.

  3. Penelope was a middle of the road pick for me. It did have some great acting talent in McAvoy, Ricci, and Witherspoon. Good fairytalesque film with a twist that I think anyone can enjoy and take away from. Good movie overall.

  4. it was a good movie it was different than the usual romantic comedies around which is good. its more fairytale-esque than most but it worked. and the kiss and the end in my book is one of the best kisses on film. the whole films works great.

  5. Definitely love this movie. Your comment about the life lessons is completely true! Catherine O’Hara made the movie for me despite the annoying mother characteristics she displayed, but it was realistic so I approve. The ending was so passionate and real. The chemistry between the two main characters were definitely worth the watch. Loves it!

  6. it is total keeper , this movie is amazing directed and the art work done is also very good. but i must say that the new looks of James McCoy and Reese Witherspoon is just unbeatable…… loved the review

  7. Nice review btw. I like the movie as a whole. It was fascinating watching James McAvoy and Cristina Ricci together because their on-screen chemistry is spectacular. I get chills just by watching them. The other characters were brilliant as well. The story was terrific though i felt that there were some unpolished areas here and there but those were only minor setbacks. Nice soundtrack also. Fits the movie well.

  8. I really loved this movie. It was not you typical fairy tail, but it incorporated some cute elements.

    Also I just enjoyed Cristina Ricci’s acting in this one.

  9. I did enjoy the movie but i was a little disapointed. The trailer looked like it was going to be an amazing film so i was thrilled to see it. However, the best bits were in the trailer and therefore there wasnt much supprise. Nothing made me laugh any more than that in the trailer. It was a good movie, no doubt. It was cleaver and different to the average boring chick flick but if you saw the review before the movie, most of it was already given away and therefore the movie just followed on, withouth much excitement. Actors were great!

  10. the movie had potential but I felt it was poorly made.The plot was followable but lacked a stand out performance.When ever magic is involved,there should be esque to it.When theres magic,there are boundries to be broken.Anyhting can happen.I felt that the film when it hit its climaz,it was premature.Theres was no substance and oddly predictable.I knew eventually certain things would happen,and they did.The cast was all star,but felt amateurish.Reese withersppon who caught are eyes as a amazing actress in walk the line plays a role for that a begiining actress should have played.I see little of ricci,and I see why.Other than her minor presence in black snake moan,I forget why she is an actress,she is not very talented in the film.I don’t belive her character not one bit.The film was whimsical,which it should be,but there was a lack of. balance

  11. My first impression was another modern-day fairy-tale story. I know I was not totally wrong as it was not an impressive watch although I did enjoy certain parts of the movie. You get to see some great acting, but this does not make up for the underdeveloped aspects of the movie.

  12. When i first saw the trailer.I become interested on it. So i watched the movie and immediately loved it. It’s a nice romance/fantasy movie and until now it always in my mind.

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