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Batman: The Dark Knight

The highly anticipated Batman: The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart hit theathers early this morning and with no surprise there was a large crowd waiting to see the newest character in this series. Unfortunately, the film left me wanting more, I left the theather with more questions and loose ends. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t blown away.

The story is about Bruce Wayne a successful business man by day and a masked hero by night; Batman teams  up (sort of) with Harvey Dent (Eckhart) to clean up the city of Gotham, but the Joker a psychopathic criminal has other ideas. Throughout the film Batman struggles with his image and identity as a hero as several friends both personal and on the police force start dying curtsy of the Joker. By the end of the film Harvey Dent has turned into Two Face and is seeking revenge and Batman speeds away to continue to fight crime. I don’t want to give the whole story away so when you do see the movie you won’t know what’s coming.

Some of the problem I had with this film was the length of the film, The movie was over two hours and could have easily had a good 15 minutes taken out to answer some of the questions that remained once the film came to an end. Another issue is Scarecrow he’s in the film for five seconds and no time is spent on him at all the audience isn’t evan sure if it’s an impostor or not. Another problem was Maggie Gyllehhaal playing the character of Rachael. I felt that anyone could have played this role and it would have been any different. As I’ve mentioned before there were loose ends with the Joker and finally, there was no set up for a sequel which is in the work.

Even though I may have left the theater slightly disappointed I do feel that the film is worth the time and money. There are some truly great depth shots and great explosions and the makeup for both the Joker and Two Face was fantastic much better than the character from the 90s. The new and improved Batman suit is very cool as well.

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