This title suggests everything I’m thinking. Why can’t we let Juno go? Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy this film. Aside from the pompous high-schoolers and ridiculous slang, this film was really “cute,” but why can’t everyone just stop talking about it and enjoy other, more important films all around us; Juno does not stand alone. This film that I call a ‘hipster flick,’ just did not carry the plot solidly, but instead captured audiences because of Juno’s martyrdom; giving her child away and the ultra-cool essence that makes her so different. She can play a few chords on the guitar and even wears (are you ready?)–sweater vests! How unique. The cliche nature of the whole school misunderstanding her the way she thinks she should be understood got really old over 90 minutes, but this is just one element of the film.   Even worse, I can only imagine 15 year old girls strutting around their highschool campuses proud to show off their Juno-like pregnancies, a notion that is utterly disturbing and outwardly possible. Besides, if we all want to be like Juno, doesn’t that make us all the same? The arrogance carried in Ellen Page’s acting, Diablo Cody’s writing and the overall dialogue in the film is almost too much to stomach and makes me want to tell them all to just bite me.  For me the cake was taken by Jason Bateman and Juno’s parents comedic instances and frankly, the film would be unbearable without. Though I understand the way in which the film tried to establish Juno’s character as someone we walk away truly caring about, I just did not get this. And now, we can’t discuss today’s films without someone asking “Did you see Juno? Oh, that was SO cute!” Let’s be real. Just because a film is trendy does not mean it’s a masterpiece.  Take a deep breath.  Let it go.  Just stop talking about Juno already.  Please?