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“Hancock”: The Drunk Superhero

Will Smith plays an un-conventional superhero in “Hancock” also starring Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman.  It was directed by Peter Berg who is more known for his acting than directing but does a great job in this film.

Hancock (Will Smith) is an un-destructable superhero rescuing the public in time of need but his rescue efforts are looked down upon by the public because of the destruction he leaves behind, including damaged public property, and cost to the city, which fuel his loneliness and drinking problem. After Hancock saves the life of Public Relations Executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) in what the news business calls a car vs. train scenario Ray feels in dept to Hancock and wants to help him become a person the public would trust, and admire.  Ray’s wife Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron) on the other hand doesn’t think it’s a good idea having him around but at the same time it seems she is somewhat attracted to him.  Ray chooses to have Hancock do some hard time in the L.A. prison thinking that the public will miss him and will demand his comeback- besides he’s a superhero he can escape at anytime.   After coaching from Ray behind bars and some anger management meetings, Hancock gets the call… there’s a bank robbery and the L.A.P.D needs him.  Hancock does what superhero’s do and saves the day, he is then welcomed with joy from the public accepting this new, nicer superhero.  Hancock finally feels accepted and appreciated while the public treats him like a rockstar, but Ray’s wife Mary continues to reject him but for good reason.  She has a secret and when Hancock uncovers it he finds out who he really is.

Will Smith did a great job portraying a drunk, lonely superhero and it was fun watching him acting this role because the last time I saw him was in “I am legend”  which seemed like the typical hero type of character.  The rest of the cast was great also and their characters were well put together.  I loved everything about it; there isn’t much that I have to criticize, the writing, acting, and graphics were good, plus there were some great camera shots.  I definitely recommend and I would watch again.

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