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“Definitely, Maybe”: definitely a romantic comedy.

I love romantic comedies; I hate to admit they are my guilty pleasure.  So, I knew I had to watch “Definitely, Maybe” starring the sexy Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Isla Fisher.  It was directed and written by Adam Brooks who has much experience in the romantic comedy genre.

Ryan Reynolds plays Will Hayes a Manhattan professional getting a divorce while sharing custody with his 11 year old daughter Maya Hayes (Abigail Breslin).  Maya wants to know the story, from her father, of how her parents met.  He is reluctant to tell the story but decides to make her daughter guess which one of his 3 previous girlfriends is her mother. Will tells her of his college girlfriend Emily (Elizabeth Banks) from Wisconsin who he must leave behind to follow his political dreams and work for the Clinton campaign in New York.  Then comes Summer (Rachel Weisz) the beautiful writer who could get just about any man she wanted.  The third girl is his long time friend and confidant April (Isla Fisher).  Maya soon starts to put all the pieces together and as she uncovers who her mother is she also finds that relationships are complicated.

Writer/Director Adam Brooks adds a bit of spice by letting the audience peek into the Clinton campaign while taking you through the relationships of the main character, which I believe adds more depth to the story.  Although I enjoyed the film I had trouble with the ending but I can’t exactly put my finger on the reason why, I just felt un-emotional and as if it something was missing, other than that just an ok movie.

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  1. I am weak when it comes to romantic comedies and like just about any cheesy one that is out there but I have to be fair and give it a 1 cause even though I liked it I wouldn’t really recommend it to someone.

  2. I watched and reviewed this film a few weeks back and absolutely loved it. I like the chemistry Ryan Reynolds had with the 3 girls, especially the one he ends up wiht in the end, and I liked the twist…not having him patch things up with the mom, but get together with someone else.

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