We are first introduced to the Love Guru Pitka as he is speaking through a voice over machine (set to Morgan Freeman mode).  Mr. Myers breaks the fourth wall and begins to tell us of the story of his most difficult student and unexpected teacher.

Darren Roanoke played by Romany Malco (40 Year Old Virgin) is the star hockey player of the Toronto Maple Leafs he is lead his team to the Stanley Cup.  The problem is his game has been affected since he’s broken up with his wife played by Meagan Good (Wasit Deep).  The team’s owner Jane Bullard played by Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) hires the Guru Pitka to help
Roanoke reconcile with his wife.  If the Guru can get Roanoke back with his wife he’ll be guaranteed a spot on Oprah, which will fulfill his dream of besting his rival Deepak Chopra.

Mike Myers developed this character after his father died.  The Guru Pitka was one of five characters that Mr. Myers performed in his 1994 stage show, (incidentally Austin Powers was another character in that same show).  The character is loosely based on new age guru Deepak Chopra (who incidentally has a cameo).

A lot of critics have slammed this movie for various reasons but I would like to say that there are some laughs in this movie.  It may not be the finest movie Mr. Myers has done, but it does have a certain charm.

There’s sincerity in Mr. Myers performance that shines through, even through moments where the jokes fall flat.  It is that commitment to the character that gets him through this movie.  The occasional wink at the camera to let us in on the joke may have annoyed a few critics but I found it to be very Bugs Bunnyish.

First time director Marco Schnabel did a respectable job; I especially liked the dance sequence that were parodied Bollywood films.  The performance of Justin Timberlake as Roanoke’s rival Jacques Grandewas quite a surprise.  Timberlake was able to have fun with the role, imagine a cross between Pepe LePew and a Celine Dion superfan.  Also it would me remiss of me to not mention Verne Troyer as the Maple Leafs head coach.

After reading a few reviews of this movie I went into it with low expectations.  Maybe that was a good thing because I ended up enjoying it in the end.  I would like to think that The Love Guru is about a man that teaches people to love themselves but has a tough time loving himself.

The run time for this movie is about an hour and a half.  It’s rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language, some comic violence and drug references.