Hancock falls short.

Hancock is down! Will Smith provides a sub-par effort in his his role as an unlikely superhero in Hancock. Accompanying stars Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman both fail to resuscitate this fairly terrible movie.

The story follows Hancock, a drunk and publicly hated superhero, uses his sheer “super” power to save the citizens, but also destroy millions of dollars worth of property. Jason Bateman stars as, Ray, a down-on-his luck PR(Public Relations) who attempts to reform Hancock’s image. Charlize Theron stars as Ray’s wife who is more reluctant to welcome Hancock into their home than he is. The story diverges into a ridiculous romance subplot, a wannabe criminal reminiscent of Buster (From Arrested Development), and a history of immortal gods. I will admit the chemistry between Bateman and Smith did provide a few laughs, and yet some of the jokes were simply recycled later on.

The cinematography showed various epic shots of the entire city as well as some decent panoramic action sequences. However, once again Will Smith, relies on CGI to do most of his acting for him a la I AM Legend and I, Robot. Other than that the directing seemed to be on par with a typical summer popcorn flick.


-Big action scenes all sequenced by CGI

-Will Smith overact (once again)

– Or just have an attraction to terrible cinema

I give it a D+

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