The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton is fun thrill ride with great special effect, a great story, and even better cameos.

The Incredible Hulk is a story about a man working for the U.S. Military who gets injected with an experimental drug that cause him to grow at an incredible rate when he gets angry oh ya and he turns green. Eric Banner(Norton) is on the run trying to control his anger and life a new life in Brazil when the military find him and he begins to run again. He finally ends up in America (Virginia I believe) where he finds his ex-girlfriend Betty (Liv Tyler) and continues to run. His main goal is to get rid of this power so he can live a normal life. The problem is that Betty’s father wants to kidnap him and use his power as a weapon for the U.S. Gen. Ross (William Hurt) hires Emil Blonsky a decorated military veteran to get the job done. Eventually Blonsky gets the same injection and become a nasty monster himself the two then meet in New York City(Harlem) and the battle begins. The Hulk triumph and is on the run only it appears that Banner can control the power of the Hulk.

This film is fun exciting and extremely entertain and is great for the whole family. This film is just a kick in the pants ride leaving you wanting more. When the idea was first presented I was very hesitant to go see the film based on the 05′ disaster, but this film delivered oh and you’re just going to have to go see the film to see the great cameo in the film.

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  1. Wonderful film! My favorite of the summer so far. As a comic book geek, words don’t describe how cool it is to see such good comic book films and to see the connections Marvel is making between them. The cameo you spoke of is very very cool and gave me a geek orgasm to be sure! lol.

    great fun movie. good review candice.

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