Paint Shaker

Director Patrick Rea of SenoReality Pictures sent me a copy of one of his latest short films: PAINT SHAKER. The story was written by Jon Niccum.

SenoReality is based out of Kansas, so naturally The Wizard of Oz has a special place in their movie-loving hearts. Or at least as displayed in Paint Shaker has a place in their philosophical ponderings and curiosity. The film is introduced by bringing to one’s attention the moment within the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and pals are getting ready to go get the Wicked Witch and the Scarecrow of all things is seen holding a gun. Most people have probably overlooked this aspect of detail without pondering: where did he get a gun? Google it, you’ll find all sorts of explanations and theory.

Paint Shaker, though approached with some artsy meaning that can be open to the viewers interpretation, (for example: one person I viewed it with was completely baffled as to what the point was or what it could have meant, whereas another one was given too much that he could elaborate upon endlessly) the basic premise of the film revolves around three employees at a hardware store, their boss, and then an employee that was fired, returning with a shotgun.

The picture quality of Paint Shaker is high class, though there is a lot of blurring effect used, ala things in the background are a blur when your attention is to be on the actors at the forefront. Not being a filmmaker myself I cannot say whether this was an artistic choice being toyed with or if it was making due with the budget and equipment. All I can say is that it did not bother me and looked good for an Indie production.

The violence of the movie is counter balanced with funny little bits that are every day life cute and identifiable. One character is looking to get Saturday off, whereas another refuses to cover for him because he is planning to spend quality time with a video game, and when the disgruntled guy with the gun comes into the store one character is more fascinated than scared as the shooting begins.

It all ends with a serious murder suicide situation turning out at least one positive benefit for one character and some things for him to briefly ponder about life. However, the depth can overall be seen as a touch of reality, these are the random thoughts that go through our minds, these are the horrible events that take place everyday, and this is the quirky humor with which we take it all in stride.

This is a short to be checked out if you find a place to do so, currently if you want to check out other works by Patrick Rea stop in at their webpage or they are on YOUTUBE

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