Fool’s Gold was directed by Andy Tennant and stars Matthew “No Shirt” McConaughey and Kate Hudson, along with support from the likes of Donald Sutherland. There are other recognizable faces, but really if I were in this movie I’d want my name wiped off it.

The plot: A newly divorced couple that may still be in love with each other bicker as they hunt for treasure, seeking to get the gold before a local rapper/gangster does and kills them.

The premise sounds great for a mindless romantic action comedy. Indeed there are some decent set pieces, but strung together the entire movie sinks. If I had not read the synopsis on the back of the DVD case I wouldn’t of had a clue what was going on in the first section of the movie. Why? Muddled and horrible dialog mixed with poor acting: the actors all mumble! This is meant to be a comedy and the punch -lines and one-liner moments all fall to lame and obvious meaning: the funny of lacking.

Who do I blame for this movie being a stinker? Everyone involved from the start to the finish: bad acting, directing, writing: the whole nine. Logic doesn’t need to work in the world of movies, but sometimes things just get so stupid you cannot help but want to bust your televisions screen from annoyance. Fool’s Gold is FILLED TO THE BRIM with logical errors, pandering to the assumption that most of its viewers are morons. In the beginning sequences of the flick a boat catches fire, burns, and explodes! It sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where it is magically still intact and McConaughey swims into it to retrieve a picture. Wow, that must have been one hell of a camera for it to have survived the explosion! Next thing I will point out is when McConaughey is tossed to the bottom of the ocean with an anchor toed around his legs. The director makes sure to show you they have driven him out into the middle of nowhere, no land as far as the eye can see. M.C. drops into the watery grave, all the way to the ocean floor; yep, hits bottom. Then he shoots the chain off of his legs and swims back to the surface. How deep is this ocean? Look at that, it went and made me swear.

Fool’s Gold lacks any gold, just fools.