The Spiderwick Chronicles is a Mark Waters directed movie based off of a book series and marketed towards a younger audience. However, some of the CGI creatures involved in the peril of the film may be too scary for your youngster. Then again, it could be a great way to break them into loving horror cinema, if they can handle a screaming orge there is no reason why Freddy Krueger should spook them!

The story follows a family as they move into a new home, with the kid count being at three two win brothers and an older sister. One of the brothers finds a book along with a brownie within the walls of the home, and the book ends up being the source of their troubles and adventure. It is a field guide to the world unknown to most, the magical world of fairies and goblins that are invisible unless you know how to look for them. An evil orge wants to get his hands on this book and thanks to the meddling of the kids he gets his chance once again. Can he be stopped?

The cast includes Freddie Highmore playing both of the boys and Mary Louise Parker takes on the role of their mother and Sarah Bolger is the sister. Other celebrities bring their voice talents to magical creatures, talents such as: Seth Rogan, Martin Short, and Nick Nolte. David Strathairn is another recognizable actor within the flick, playing the role of the Spiderwick who created the book to begin with.

If I were to compare this to other popular fantasy movies such as the Harry Potter movies I would have to give Spiderwick credit for not being as boring. In fact it is the darker, scary elements and intense action moments that kept my attention. Whereas Harry Potter, even during action tends to be stuffy and slow. As is usual for fantasy movie adaptations of books however, lots of information is lost and logical errors and plotholes pop up every few minutes.

The ending for Spiderwick ends up being relatively humorous, before it turns into sappy creepiness. (ask me about that if you’ve seen it and are confused) Overall it is an okay run-of-the-mill movie. In other words: years from now I will vividly recall the work Pan’s Labyrinth and not recall a thing about The Spiderwick Chronicles. If you enjoy fantasy movies though, geared towards kids in story though not fully in execution: worthy rental.