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Kevin Smith’s original Clerks is now considered a cult classic and gave the idea that anyone with a handheld camera could make a movie. Clerks was well acted, smart, and just straight out hilarious. The sequel not only keeps many of these elements that worked so well in Clerks but in some cases actually improves on them. The film reunites Brian O Halloran and Jeff Anderson who played Dante and Randal in the first film and their still on top of their game here in this film.


The movie starts off with the fames Quick Stop burning down leaving Dante and Randal at the end of an era which Dante remembers as the worst of his life and Randal as his best. The film then cuts to around a year later and we find out that the two are now working at Mooby’s, a fast food restaurant, and it is Dante’ very last day in New Jersey since he is moving to Florida to get married to his fiancée who is played by Jennifer Smith. We are then introduced to Mooby’s owner played by Rosario Dawson, their impossibly geeky co worker Elias played by Trevor Fehrman, and of course the immortal Jay and Silent Bob played by Jason Mewes and director Kevin Smith.


Now this sequel was completely unnecessary seeing as how the first one ended perfectly, and we knew everything that we needed to know, but thankfully Kevin Smith does us right with this movie and gives us an interesting believable story that still makes us care for these characters which we haven’t seen in twelve years. Kevin Smith direction truly shines here in which he is able to give us a movie with a musical number, references to racism, sexual activities, lord of the ring and star wars debates, and even a damn donkey show. I may be wrong but I can’t think of another director who could pull that off and have me laughing for almost the entire runtime.


There’s not really much else to say about this movie. The story is tightly written and incredibly creative, the acting isn’t great but it fits well with the movie, and while it takes us back and forth from random jokes that are drop dead hilarious the movie never loses it’s main focus on it being Dante’s last day and Randal wanting to do something special for him. It’s even so perfectly executed later on in the movie when Dante and Randal are in a jail cell that they finally reveal what they’re feeling. It’s an enclosed space and it’s sort of the perfect setting for the revelation, there’s no where for either of them to run to or hide.   All of this in only around 95 minutes makes up for one of my favorite comedies of the past decade and I give it a well deserved 4/5.

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  1. I totally agree, i wasn’t sure what to expect having not seen the origional Clerks film, but the story was just so good that didn’t matter (apart from any inside jokes relating to the previous film which of course i would have missed).
    Being a star wars fan boy myself the scene i enjoyed most was when Randal states that there is only one return film, that being Return of the Jedi (which i totally agree).
    The other slapstick and crude jokes all fitted perfectly into this movie which is packed full of laughs, deffinetly a must see.

  2. I love this movie. Very interesting film just likr the first one clerks (which was totally in black and white) this movie is a must see not caring how long ago the movie was made. especially with all the jokes side jestures and how everything came into play. Randal was the funniest person in this movie and i will pay extra money if the were to come out with a clerks 3. this is a must see movie.

  3. I’m with you 100%. I saw this movie on tv one night and I could not stop laughing. I think brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson have great chemistry together. Of course Rosario Dawson is a given being as she’s one of my favorite actresses. I would also like to see a clerks 3, just to see if jay and silent bob are still hanging out in front of the quick stop. It also would be interesting to see Dante with a baby or Randall possibly falling in love.

  4. Well put, Mr. Gutierrez, well put. This movie was one that people will love or hate, which is usually the case for Kevin Smith Movies. I mean, I loved Zach and Miri and the critics bashed it to pieces. It was a good ending to the Clerks phoenemon. However, if a Clerks 3 was ever made, I’d have to buy it.

  5. I agree totally that job well done should be thrown in Smith’s direction. I found it interesting to find out that Smith was getting the occasional opinion of one Quentin Taratino (my hero), on some of the scenes. I do also like the spur of the moment dance scene which i believe was a first for Smith. This movie ws funny without trying to hard to be the original and will be watched again in the future.

  6. Kevin Smith has a gift of bring reality humour into his movies to make his characters more realistic. you love him for that or you hate him. but i do agree that without the original cast members (O’Halloran and Anderson) making a come back, the movie would never of happened. and i for one was very happy at the end results. No need for a third. The story is complete.

  7. Spot on review.
    I have to say that Smith definitely knows how to extract a certain style of performance from his actors. The way in which his actors deliver lines are unmistakably Smiths work and can be detected from Zac and Miri to Mall Rats to Clerks. Not award winning acting but it could not have been done better, casting in his films are spot on.
    Love him, the film and the review :)

  8. i am a huge kevin smith fan. i wasn’t really into the original ‘clerks’ though, but the sequel definitely surpasses it. i agree with some of the other commenters, there’s no need for a 3rd movie. i think the characters of dante and randal have reached it’s point, anything further than that would be unrealistic.

  9. clerks ii is one hell of a gut busting laugh inducing ride kevin smith is a comic genius the language was a tad too much but with the characters it just works perfectly.

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